Personalized Children’s Book (boy version)


Become a children's book author in under 30 days with a pre-written, pre-illustrated story. Best of all, the story can be personalized to feature the names of children you know and you even have the option of publishing it and selling it online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Makes a great gift!

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Sell your book online with Amazon and Barnes & Noble (optional)

Don't just print your personal book - publish it! That's right, you can easily become a published children's book author with the click of a button. Imagine the look of joy on your child's face when he sees your book online! Imagine the convenience for friends and family members who want to purchase a copy of your book for themselves.

Look what you get with the addition of the optional "Publish it!" option!

  • Your book will be listed and for sale on
  • Your book will be listed and for sale Barnes & Noble's website
  • Your book will receive its own unique ISBN
  • You will earn a $2.00 royalty for every new copy of your book that sells online
  • You can order additional copies of your own book for as little as $7.99 for each.
Upgrade your children's book with the optional "Publish It" option

This heartwarming children's story is already written and already illustrated. All you need to do is provide the names of the three main characters (two boys and a puppy). Then give your book a title and indicate who you want to be recognized as the author (typically you).

You can choose from three available illustration sets.  

#1. African American main boy character and African American friend (also a boy), which features this cover image.


2. Caucasian main boy character and African American friend  (also a boy), which features this cover image. See the example below.

Caucasian main boy character and Caucasian friend (also a boy), which features this cover image.


Click on the "question mark" icons in the chart above to see the artwork for each style. 

Everywhere you see a name (including all the characters, even the puppy) is personalized according to YOUR INPUT above. You control the title and the author's name (usually yours, or sometimes the main character's), but not the cover itself.

  • Family Keepsake
  • Become a Published Author Instantly
  • Earn Royalties With the Publish It! Option

This will be a family heirloom you and your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime and beyond. Leave your legacy for your children and theirs.

  • Personalized story book
  • Full-color, full-page illustrations
  • 28 pages in length
  • 8.5" x 8.5" paperback
  • Durable saddle-stitched binding
  • Perfect for gifts and holidays