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Make your book more discoverable on Google with the Google Books Preview Program, complete with your book cover, an enticing sample for readers to browse and convenient links for buyers to purchase a copy through the major online retailers.

With the Google Books Preview Program, you can quickly get a tantalizing sample of your book in front of millions of readers browsing for books on Google.

The sales potential that lies in this type of exposure is staggering. There are several benefits to the Google Books Preview Program that all contribute to a vastly greater opportunity to sell:

  • Your book becomes more visible. The Google Books Preview Program lets readers all over the world discover your book and preview a portion of it.
  • Your book becomes more discoverable. Google scans and indexes the text of your entire book for its search engine. That means there are more words and phrases tied to your book that could lead curious readers straight to you.
  • Readers get a sneak peek. When prospective book buyers find your book on Google Books, they’re automatically given access to a limited preview of your book to further entice them to buy. 
  • Links make buying easy. A series of links within your Google Books listing lead readers straight to your book with major online book retailers.

The Google Books Preview Program is an inexpensive and extremely effective way to get your book before a sizable audience of avid readers.  Here is how it looks:


With just a few clicks of the mouse, you could be on your way to unbeatable exposure. Just follow the “Add to Cart” link below and complete your purchase. We'll submit your book to the Google Books Preview Program for you.  

Please note that this option does not include the Google Play option and will not include a digital download edition.

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