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Some self-publishing authors prefer to secure their own ISBNs for full control over how their books are identified, discovered, and sourced. Outskirts Press can help. As an R.R. Bowker designated agent, Outskirts Press can reserve an ISBN in your name, for 20% less than if you went to Bowker directly. Publishing with Outskirts Press? Login to your Publishing Center first.

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Enter the imprint under which your book will be published, designating your Publisher Name as the publisher-of-record for your book.

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We've analyzed the competition so you don't have to. Here are prices from three of our largest competitors for Bowker-direct ISBNs that identify you as the publisher-of-record. We tried to find a fourth, but most publishers simply don't offer this level of flexibility. We do. Just another reason Outskirts Press is rated #1.

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Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. As a first time author, I was overwhelmed with the publication process, but my research paid off: my choice of Outskirts Press is one of the best decisions I made. I was very pleased with the way everything was handled by your company. You are professional, efficient, and responsive.

Alexandra Goodwin
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Want to publish under your own imprint but don't yet own your own ISBN? We can help you, and save you some money, too. R.R. Bowker, the official ISBN Agency for the United States, and Outskirts Press have reached an agreement establishing Outskirts Press as a designated ISBN agent of R. R. Bowker. The agreement allows for Outskirts Press to request single-ISBNs from R.R. Bowker on behalf of, and in the name of, self-publishing authors who select this Private Label ISBN option from This means that Outskirts Press can pass single ISBN application requests to the US ISBN Agency on behalf of Outskirts Press customers. A single ISBN will be assigned in the name of the author/publisher applying for it and the single ISBN will be owned by that author/publisher. The single ISBN will not be issued in the name of Outskirts Press and will not be owned by Outskirts Press. The publisher to whom the ISBN is assigned will be identified as the publisher of the book that has the ISBN on it. Outskirts Press will not be identified as the publisher of the book. Once assigned, an ISBN cannot be returned. All ISBNs are non-refundable. An ISBN cannot be transferred, sold or given to someone else. By completing and submitting the application for an ISBN, you are acknowledging that you have reviewed and agree to the US ISBN Agency terms and conditions (below). We'll even save you 20% if you order your ISBN here rather than through Bowker directly and we will do everything for you. Purchasing an ISBN directly from Bowker costs $125. We will get you one from Bowker and submit all the paperwork for you, for $199. What a deal! The only catch is that you must live in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, or Puerto Rico.

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