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Books, camera, action! Today's successful book authors are making smart use of viral video marketing to cut through the clutter and get discovered. Are you ready for your close-up?

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We've analyzed the competition so you don't have to. Here are prices from four of our largest competitors for their non-voice-over book video trailers that are similar to (but not nearly as cool as) ours. Look at those prices! Just another reason Outskirts Press is rated #1.

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A word from an author about our book video trailers

When I first viewed the video, I didn't know what to expect. Then, WOW! You and your staff did a spectacular job with both the video and audio! I wrote and produced TV commercials for years and even won a CLIO, and I'm very impressed with your production! The quality of your work is impressive. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for me!

David A. Brookover

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And the sales boost goes to...YOU!

But only if you can capture the hearts and minds of readers instantly through the magic of video.

A Book Video Trailer is a slick, creative way to showcase your work and market your book effectively to a wide audience. Besides making you look uber-cool, your Hollywood-ready Book Video Trailer comes with a number of other fringe benefits:

* Entertaining format that will hook potential readers and keep them engaged.
* Straight-to-the-point presentation of all the vital details of your book.
* High visibility distribution on our YouTube Channel  

Here are a few samples to give you an idea how your professionally produced trailer could look. And you'll find LOTS more on our YouTube channel.

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